Global Gravity looks to open in Aberdeen after successful debut

Danish company Global Gravity is now considering opening a facility in Aberdeen after the success of its tubular handling frame.

Tubulars encased in TubeLock in yard

The product was designed to transport, lift and store drill pipes, casing and tubulars more efficiently, cost-effectively and safer than conventional wire bundling.

TubeLock, the company’s patented New Generation Tubular Handling System has successfully completed its three-year operational debut in the North Sea, with operators verifying its track record for improving safety through reduced injury, achieving cost savings and improving drilling operations.

The Esbjerg-based company, which specialises in supplying transport frames to the industry, will now showcase TubeLock at Offshore Europe next week as it looks to its future development.

“We are very pleased with the success of TubeLock and welcome the ratification which we’ve had from operators and contractors since it went into operation,” said Kim Christensen, Sales and Marketing Director. “One of the world’s biggest operators said that they wished this system had been in existence years ago.

“Setting up a facility in Aberdeen is now the logical next step for us to ensure that we can respond to the requirements of the industry operating in the UKCS. While this is currently in the very early stages, we anticipate that establishing a base here could generate up to a dozen on and offshore jobs within the first couple of years of operation.”

Developed specifically for the Oilfield Casing and Tubular Goods (OCTG) sector of the industry TubeLock encases batches of tubulars in a fixed frame. Once they are securely locked in place, “packs” of tubulars are transported from source to the quayside where they can be can be safely and efficiently lifted for onward transportation to offshore installations where they are offloaded, stacked and stored.

“Improving the working conditions for the on and offshore workforce is a priority and our goal is to achieve zero accidents,” said Kim. “In response to the current economic operating conditions we are also committed to helping the industry achieve cost reductions on handling which leads to increased efficiency on installations. To achieve optimum results we supervise on and offshore packing to ensure the drilling crew has optimal working conditions and to provide enhanced safety conditions.”


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