Germany hits renewable high, turning heads about the possibility of a renewable future…

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Last Sunday (May 8th) Germany, particularly around 1.00pm, was producing an immense amount of renewable energy, mostly generated from its wind, solar, biomass and hydro projects. This caused the price of power to dip below negative figures, which means that consumers were in fact getting paid to use the country’s electricity.

Renewable energy in Germany as a whole contains some of the most successful and inventive projects worldwide, with over 23,000 wind turbines and 1.4 million solar PV systems spanning across the country. Currently, the German federal government is planning on further developing energy commercialization, in particular: offshore wind farms. This has also had a huge impact on the provision of jobs for German citizens, with around 370,000 people employed in the renewable sector by 2010.

Compare this to the UK industry, where the UK government has done plenty to destroy this market… I’m interested to know your thoughts… Should the UK be doing more? Is Germany leading the way?

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