Full steam ahead for Nuclear and Gas but what about Renewables?

The energy secretary has recently announced plans in the UK to develop new nuclear reactors and gas plants to tackle carbon emissions and limit consumer costs. This is a recognised shift from coal powered stations but also a continued move away from developing renewable energy in the UK.

Nuclear Energy Industry

“In the next 10 years, it’s imperative that we get new gas-fired power stations built,” Rudd says.

Rudd has slashed renewable subsidies, leading to hundreds of job losses in solar companies, and slowing growth in an industry that the U.K. is relying on to help meet its EU target to get 15 percent of all energy for power, heating and transport from renewables by 2020. Britain aims to get 30 percent of power from renewables by 2020 to meet the EU goal, while the targets for heat and transport are 12 percent and 10 percent.

Renewable Energy Industry

The UK is currently looking away from renewables at a time when there has been dramatic decreases in costs and increases in technological efficiency.

With a strong emphasis on developing nuclear and gas where does this leave the future for renewable energy in UK? There has been a recent retreat in renewables signified by the recent slashes to to subsidised programs in solar, onshore wind, biomass and energy efficiency. Despite the cost reductions and improved efficiency in renewables there seems to be more uncertainty within the UK renewable energy sector. 

Are you a candidate working in the renewable sector and have seen a recent impact on the industry? We would love to hear your thoughts 

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