Fishermen surrounding Transocean grounded rig to seek compensation

Transocean oil rig

Fishermen working on the west side of Lewis, Scotland are to seek compensation for loss of earnings due to the exclusion zone having been created following Transocean’s grounded oil rig. The rig grounded last Monday at Dalmore beach, which meant that a 300m exclusion zone was created to avoid any approach to the area surrounding the rig.

Western Isles Fishermen’s Association claims that four boats usually work in areas within the exclusion zone, meaning the grounded oil rig was jeopardising the company’s day-to-day operations.

There is also the issue of sightseeing, where many people are returning to the area to view the rig and take pictures of it. This area, being off the edge of tall cliffs, is highly dangerous and the public are putting themselves at risk of slipping off the edge trying to grab pictures of the rig.

"Once you've got a picture of an oil rig they are all the same. It is the same as every other one.” said Mr MacLeod, a local councillor.

"If they want to see pictures they are on Facebook and other social media."

Transocean has now believed to have organised a meeting between company representatives and the bosses of various fishing companies in the local area and the secretary of state’s representative for maritime and salvage.

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