First US offshore wind farm is nearing completion

US Wind offshore

Deepwater Wind, who is running the USA’s first offshore wind project is expected to be complete the construction sooner than planned. The 30MW wind project, located off the coast of Block Island currently stands at four out of five wind turbines, meaning that construction is not only being completed quicker than expected, but it’s also following its budgets.

A 20-mile cable was installed in June and connects Block Island with the mainland, allowing the turbines to generate the island’s first electrical and fibre optic connection.  

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“We will finish in advance of our original schedule,” Jeff Grybowski, CEO of Deepwater Wind said in an interview at a dock on Block Island. “And we are in-line with our budget.”

The US has experienced a number of setbacks in recent years, but now the country’s offshore wind industry seems to be gaining strength and this has been heavily due to the increase federal government support in the industry. The government has awarded 11 leases to companies to aid in the development of offshore wind projects along the east coast, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maryland and Virginia.

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