Female refugees are being offered renewable energy training courses


Female refugees who have fled their home countries to find safety in Turkey are now being offered training on renewable energy by the İmece Initiative Foundation.

The classes, based in Çeşme district of the western province of İzmir, will provide knowledge on how to install and use solar power systems and devices. 

The women on the course will also be granted permission to export products running on solar energy, to sell the products on the internet or in future stores.

The course’s instructors studied the fundamental training in India for six months under the supervision of Barefoot College, enabling the tutors to pass on these skills to many Syrian refugee women seeking shelter in Turkey.

“If they decide to run their own collective business or launch their own workshops, we will pay for the rent of those shops for six months,” said Ali Güray Yalvaçlı from the İmece Initiative.

“Our primary purpose is to help those women engage in the production process. In each group, four women come and stay here with their children for a week. They receive training to produce goods easily at their home to make money,” said Yalvaçlı.

“They attend computer, jewelry design, basic math, the Latin alphabet and Turkish workshops here,” he said.

“We will also teach those women how to sell their products on the internet,” Yalvaçlı said.

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