Exxon discovers means of cutting energy usage from making plastic


Multinational oil and gas giant, ExxonMobil has created material that they believe will considerably decrease the energy use of manufacturing plastic, it was discovered Thursday.

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Scientists of Exxon and Georgia Tech’s findings will be released in the international science journal, Science today. The idea entailed the researchers designing and creating carbon-based filters with small holes to create space in between a building block of plastic, as opposed to its more intricate form. This is possible currently, but demands an incredibly high amount of heat and energy.

According to the scientists at Exxon and Georgia Tech, they have simplified this method using ‘reverse osmosis’, which means using pressure to push the mixture through their membrane and therefore dividing the mixture.

This process is frequently used in desalination, a water cleaning procedure. Reverse osmosis allows the process to take place at room temperature, which removes the need for increased heat and therefore uses a great deal less energy to complete the procedure.

The scientists firmly believe this new form of technology could be commercialized and contribute heavily to chemical/plastic manufacturing industries across the globe.

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