EU headlines an objective of 30-33% renewable energy generation by 2030


Legislators representing the European Union have suggested a compromise on the union’s renewable energy policy for the year 2030, outlining a headline objective of 30-33% renewable energy generation.

After a further meeting in Strasbourg last Thursday (31 May), The European Commission, Parliament and Council have released a new renewable energy target, to show a stronger commitment to the clean energy package of legislation and cut the EU’s emissions by 40% within the next decade.

The conclusion to the series of negotiations is diarized for the 13th June.

In January, European Parliament opted for a 35% renewable energy target by 2030, which triggered the many negotiation sessions held this year. Several EU member states, however, were reluctant about the pledge, which led to the eventually agreed target of 27% renewable energy generation.

“It’s the first time that they put a 32-33% figure on the table,” said a source, expressing excitement about the chances of finalizing negotiations on the directive during the last round of “trilogue” talks set for 13th June.

“This triggers a dynamic,” the source continued. “It’s now up to political group leaders in Parliament to sit down and decide what concessions they are willing to make in exchange for the higher headline target.”


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