Engineering jobs at Tesla climb by 240% this year

Data collected by LinkedIn has revealed that Tesla has increased its focus on engineering jobs significantly this year. During the quarter of this year, Tesla had created 865 job openings which are an increase of over 240% compared to the same period in 2017.


Whilst this is a dramatic increase, industry experts suggest that the rise of engineering job opportunities at Tesla should not come as any surprise. With existing projects including the mass production of its latest vehicle, engineering skills are in considerable demand. Tesla has also suggested it continues to expand its project plans and as a result requires an ever increase number of engineering professionals.

Other analysts suggest that Tesla, like other businesses includes a technological and engineering focus which results in a continued demand for new talent across the engineering field. Tesla is continuing to look for talented engineers who can help them achieve their ambitious project plans. This generally includes engineers with multiple skills within emerging technologies, with professionals showing proven immersive experience within standard engineering roles as well as technology disciplines an ideal fit for the business.

The new skill sets required for engineers at Tesla suggest how the industry is changing and how technology is transforming the roles and responsibilities of engineers. The dynamic nature of the business and continued transformation makes Tesla one of the most appealing businesses for engineers to work for. LinkedIn recently ranked Tesla as one of the leading businesses to work for, outranking some of the biggest existing brands in the world.

Engineering recruitment is likely to continue rising rapidly with further plans to expand development at its Gigafactory in Buffalo which manages the production of solar roof tiles and PV panels.

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