Engineering industry leaders pledge to attract a more diverse staff

A collection of some of the biggest engineering employers within the UK has pledged to attract a more diverse range of staff to the engineering industry. The leaders of BP, Shell, BAE, and Rolls-Royce have all recently announced their commitment to tackling the current challenge of diversity issues within the engineering sector.

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In a recent report to the Daily Telegraph, a collection of engineering employers stated that the lack of diversity needs to be addressed, highlighting that currently 92% of males and 94% of females in the industry are white.
Within the recent commitment, the chief executive of BP, Bob Dudley, Sinead Lynch, the UK chairman of Shell and Charles Woodburn, the CEO of BAE have all signed an agreement to tackle diversity issues. The agreement has gained wider industry support by businesses such as Network Rail and Transport for London, driven by significant concerns that the UK is not training enough engineers for the future.
To ensure the engineering industry remains stable and strong, the UK must focus its attention on training a wider group of people and really tackle the issue of diversity head on. Industry experts have highlighted that it is crucial that a more diverse network of people join the engineering industry.
Reports suggest that over 185,000 engineers will be required every year to satisfy the demand. The Government is currently promoting a year of engineering recruitment campaign in a hope to encourage more young people into the engineering sector. 
Engineering employers believe there still remains a lack of knowledge of what the industry can really offer. Employers state that many people truly understand what types of engineering jobs are available and what they actually entail. This lack of knowledge is a potential barrier to increasing the numbers of people entering the engineering sector. 
The ambition of many engineering institutions is to create a better understanding of the industry in school and ensure families are aware of the opportunities and variety a career in engineering can offer. If this can happen, more young people are likely to consider a career in engineering.

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