Energy talent giants JDR Energy and Mclean Ross merge to form JD Ross


Internationally-renowned energy recruiters, JDR Energy and Mclean Ross announce the joining of the two agencies’ forces to become JD Ross: a unique energy talent solutions company with a plan to serve the entire proximity of the energy space. 

JDR Energy, widely known for its focus on recruitment within energy engineering, and Mclean Ross, a brand historically tied to energy retail and procurement disciplines have merged into one whole-project-spanning recruitment company, which promises to deliver a unique commitment to the energy sector.

Managing Director at JD Ross, Jack Rawcliffe, says: “It was an obvious decision to incorporate JDR and Mclean Ross into one brand, as it’s enabled us to provide specific talent solutions to every discipline in the energy workforce.”

“There is a definite gap in the market for consultancies that only deal with energy. JD Ross is not looking to diversify into aerospace, automotive, or similar. This means we can offer our clients solutions right from the conception of a project, to construction, commissioning, maintenance, and follow this through to energy retail, procurement and technology.”

“We have become a one-stop-shop for every aspect of energy.”

According to Rawcliffe, the merger will prevent energy professionals and employers from requiring the services of multiple agencies to fulfill energy-specific requirements. The newly-formed energy brand believes JD Ross contains a group of specialist consultants who understand energy company culture, what recruitment in the sector entails and have the bandwidth with the specialists to deliver across a wide variety of roles.

“I think this presents the energy industry with a business that has a real commitment to the sector.” Continues Rawcliffe.

“Our competitors have moved into other areas, but we have stayed passionate and focused on energy. JD Ross is not looking to move anywhere else- we believe this sector is the future, which allows us to remain undistracted by other industries. We can live and breathe energy every single day, where our passion for the sector remains strong.”

When looking specifically at energy candidates and the job opportunities on-offer, JDR is confident in JD Ross’ ability to provide “as much devotion to energy as professionals have for the industry they work in” and promises increased opportunities to work for the most “exciting” energy employers on a global spectrum.

“Our candidates and clients are energy-committed and we want to mirror this commitment. For the professionals we work with, our partnerships with large companies (that we support across the entire value chain) will be incredibly beneficial and I believe this will introduce them to an abundance of vacancies.”

While the merger of two businesses can sometimes prove challenging, Jack Rawcliffe says JDR Energy and Mclean Ross have the advantage of working as two separate brands under the same global recruitment group: Opus Talent Solutions, enabling the two companies to carry across the values they each operated under previously.

“I think our values are very closely-aligned (across the two businesses) due to being part of Opus Talent Solutions. What we have changed, is our service focus: to provide our clients a complete talent solution, as opposed to a mere recruitment service.”

“We offer support by sharing our knowledge and experience in employer branding, new technologies, on-boarding and ensuring strong ROI, as well as providing recruitment solutions. We have made several key investments and partnerships including and to ensure we have a global platform to support the industry”

JDR Energy launched its first US office in 2017, where the focal point was distributed energy and renewables. JD Ross will continue to grow its position in New York, United States, with the potential to opening a second office in 2018.

While JD Ross’ strong presence in its London headquarters remains and continues to grow this year, the business is expanding to Sydney, Australia in April 2018, which is being spearheaded by someone who started as a graduate under three years ago”

JD Ross will continue to operate within the company’s core markets: power generation, renewables, oil and gas, and energy technology in 2018. According to Rawcliffe, the brand’s growth areas for the forthcoming year will be in New York, Sydney, and London.

Watch this space! JD Ross will be launching a brand new website in the second quarter of 2018!

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