Energy Secretary plans nuclear discussions with Saudi Arabia

Rick Perry, the energy secretary is traveling to London to discuss the nuclear energy industry with Saudi Arabia officials as the Trump administration plans to explore a potential deal to develop reactors in the kingdom.

US Nuclear

The energy secretary recently canceled his trip to New Delhi to prioritise discussions with officials from Saudi Arabia. Whilst initial reports suggested the US was hesitant to support nuclear development in the Kingdom, they are now considering allowing Saudi Arabia to enrich and reprocess uranium as part of the deal that would enable Westinghouse Electric Company and other US-based businesses to develop nuclear in the region.

The planned meeting between the Energy Secretary and the Saudi Arabian Minister of Energy and Industry is being viewed as an essential move within the lengthy discussions over a potential nuclear agreement between both nations. Prior agreements with other nations have impeded any enrichment or reprocessing plans. The current administration is now considering these prohibitive measures in order to enable Westinghouse and other US businesses to win business in the kingdom. 

According to the ‘World Nuclear Association’, Saudi Arabia has planned to develop more than 15 nuclear power sites over the space of twenty-five years at a cost of over $70 billion.

The news of a potential deal with Saudi Arabia has caused opposition from anti-nuclear parties as well as key members such as the Democrat Senator Ed Markey. Markey has requested that the Trump administration provide more details on the proposed agreement and share this information with the country. Markey explains that Congress has not been provided with enough details regarding the possible change of nuclear objectives and standards.

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