Energy companies forced to refund customers following meter slip

Gas meter

Many householders have been paying up to three times higher than what they should be for gas and it’s thought at least one energy supplier definitely miscalculated somewhere, which caused the overpricing. The regulator has demanded gas suppliers refund any affected customers.

Energy firm E.ON revealed that it has overcharged up to 350 of its customers. One customer was unknowingly overcharged for around 15 years, E.ON has confirmed. These customers will all be refunded now that calculations have been amended. Some people were in fact undercharged too, but they will not need to pay the remaining amounts. E.ON will also be adding interest to these amounts.

According to Ofgem, the regulator, up to several thousand households may have been affected in total. Energy companies will be given until this Friday to find out exactly which customers have been overcharged and every supplier has been sent letters ordering them to do so.

The trade association, representing major energy companies has claimed that further analysis revealed that only a small amount of accounts had been affected. “Any customer affected will be contacted shortly by their supplier and where there has been overcharging, a refund will be issues as quickly as possible,” it said.

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