Employer branding for energy companies: does it really matter?

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‘Employer brand’ is an increasingly understood term by businesses in all markets, not just energy. As use and understanding is growing, so is the importance and value put on it by employers. However, many companies (quite understandably) are yet to grasp the concept and the value it will add to their organisation.

Fundamentally, employer brand is the external and internal perception of the organisation by employees and potential employees. This is most often based on company behaviour, culture, ethics, employee reward, how they conduct themselves in the marketplace and ultimately what candidates/employees think it is like to work for the company.

All this is considered both in a stand-alone capacity and against competitors.


What is employer branding influenced by?

Employer perception is developed in every single direct and indirect engagement a company has with its current and potential employees, including (but not only):

  • Social media
  • Job adverts – what does it say about your company & culture?
  • Company marketing & branding on websites, print, TV, billboards and anywhere else
  • New hire (and exit!) interviews
  • Onboarding process for new hires
  • Training & support
  • Career path and individual development opportunities


As well as external candidates seeing much of the above, the job market as a whole is far more transparent than ever before as a result of social media and websites such as Glass Door. This is furthered in smaller markets where professionals typically know and engage with employees at competitors and naturally take on board their view of the business.


So why does this matter?

Ultimately the external perception of your organisation plays a huge hand in your ability to attract and win the best talent. With so much choice for candidates their decision to apply or accept your role will be heavily affected by their perception of the business. Furthermore, it significantly affects the ability to keep hold of your current talent. If your best employee feels unrewarded and doesn’t enjoy the company culture. Why wouldn’t they move to the business which they see posting exciting company days out and employee recognition on social media? There’s no reason not to. Conversely, if your employees are head over heels in love with the business and agree with everything it stands for, you’ll have a highly motivated & productive workforce.

Simply, a strong employer brand will increase your staff productivity, the talent within it, its innovation and lower your recruitment costs.

There are hundreds of methods of enhancing your employer brand and this short piece is not an attempt to exhaustively explain how to improve yours. Rather, I hope this helps to define the term employer brand and its importance to your business, rather than being an abstract term which isn't worth your time.

Is enhancing your employer brand through each possible channel worth the cost?

Can you afford not to?

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