Duke Energy and the US Navy collaborate on 145-acre solar project

Solar Panel US 2

The US is making plans to construct and develop a number of solar plants across the country, with some states setting high renewable energy targets to be reached by 2020. Duke Energy, being the largest provider of electric power in the United States and supplying energy to around 7.4 million U.S. households is teaming up with the US Navy to construct a solar plant that will generate energy for their Southwestern Indiana customers.

"Change is clearly in the air. Specifically, the growing trend of generating more of our electric energy from renewable resources."

Duke and the US Navy are looking to enhance a more sustainable future for Indiana and the U.S. by constructing the 76,000 panel plant. The maintenance and operations of the plant will be managed by Duke Energy, who predict that the plant has the capability to generate (when power produced is at its maximum) approximately 17 MWh of solar power.

But why is the U.S. Navy so keen about the partnership? Dennis McGinn, the assistant secretary of the U.S. Navy for energy specifically, has revealed that the navy is determined to convert to more diverse means of producing energy and are looking to generate half of their energy from other sources by 2020. The navy are looking to increase the security of their assets and have partnered with Duke Energy on a similar project in North Carolina. This project is functional, spanning an acreage of 80 and an annual output of 27,000 MWh.

It is predicted that once Duke Energy has received permission from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, the solar park will be given the go ahead and construction can start. Melody Birmingham-Byrd is hopeful the project will be functional by the end of the year.

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