Does the casualty toll of green energy outweigh environmental benefits?


One of the major benefits of green energy such as wind and solar power, is that these means of generating energy are much more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels, which contribute to the effects of climate change. According to the Scientific American, wind turbines pose a bigger, more immediate threat to the environment than climate change, which is the number of casualties associated with wind turbines.

Hundreds and thousands of birds and bats, which are critical to our ecosystem, are dying due to the danger that wind turbines pose to them. The Scientific American posted an article that highlighted that even if this death toll was reduced by roughly 30 percent, a goal that has been set in the wind industry initiative, this would not be enough to avoid the serious consequences of killing thousands of these animals.

According to a study by the Wildlife Society Bulletin, roughly 573,000 birds (including bird of prey such as eagles and hawks) and 888,000 bats were killed in 2012. What is worrying is that the amount of active wind turbines since this time has grown enormously.

The Scientific American article has also claimed that wind turbines, as of January this year, are, by a substantial amount, the “largest cause of mass bat mortality around the world”

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