DeSmog series reveals lack of green commitment from UK


Investigative media outlet DeSmog UK has released ‘Empire Oil: A DeSmog UK Special Investigation’, a new three-part series in the hope of revealing what really lies beneath the UK’s “green veneer”.

The investigation uncovers what it calls a “boys’ club”, which generates wealth for the capital from environmentally unfriendly operations, as well as in politically unstable regions.

DeSmog has provided an in-depth analysis into the UK’s market data and company activity, exposing the country’s ongoing support for international fossil fuel exploration, which are in direct conflict with the UK’s climate change commitments both internally and worldwide. According to DeSmog, 12 private and public limited oil and gas companies based in London also uphold business in Africa- and more precisely, close to tax havens.

Part two of the series focuses on London’s junior stock exchange, the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). It details an abundance of scandals related to company collapses, as well as a failure to support public sanction and enforcement.

According to the report, the AIM has been too lenient with companies abusing the system, failing to name and shame the culprits. The investigative company also has reason to believe oil and gas companies are manipulating asset reports in unstable regions to remove investment obstacles.

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