Cumbria nuclear plant at risk as Toshiba withdraws from UK


Toshiba is planning to cut its UK nuclear business after failing to confirm a buyer for the latest nuclear power station in Cumbria.

This recent decision from Toshiba is expected to damage the UK’s extensive plans for new nuclear builds.

Nuclear unions have condemned the government for failing to involve itself and have blamed the tories for the project not going ahead.

Toshiba, a Japanese company, has said it will begin winding down the project in January 2019.

"After considering the additional costs entailed in continuing to operate NuGen, Toshiba recognises that the economically rational decision is to withdraw from the UK nuclear power plant construction project, and has resolved to take steps to wind-up NuGen," the Toshiba statement said.

"Relying in this way on foreign companies for our country's essential energy needs was always irresponsible," said the GMB union’s national officer Justin Bowden.

"A new nuclear power station in West Cumbria remains vital for the UK's future energy security and requires urgent action."


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