China will set up nuclear university to combat skills shortage


According to several Chinese media outlets, a decision to set up a nuclear specialist university has been made by China this week to offer the sector more graduate talent.

China has high hopes for rapid expansion of its nuclear industry and market leaders are growing concerned about a skills shortage preventing success in the sector. The number of trained, skilled nuclear workers in China poses a significant threat to the execution of future projects.

Reports say the university will be situated in the Tianjin Municipality, located close to Beijing- China’s capital. The country’s largest nuclear power developer and operator, the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), has taken ownership of the university’s commencement.

The educational institution will not only train enough individuals to work in China’s nuclear programme, it will also be responsible for core research and development.

"China has many nuclear power projects and will continue to develop, which has led to a severe shortage of nuclear talent in power plant design, engineering construction, operations and security control," said a researcher of the State Council's Development Research Centre.

"Not enough qualified personnel threatens nuclear power security."

By 2016, China recorded a total of 31 active nuclear power plants, as well as 23 being under construction. With the country’s plans to generate 58 gigawatts of installed nuclear capacity by 2020, analysts are “urging” investors to dedicate more expenditure to skills development.


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