China's transition from coal to nuclear power

The People's Republic of China has announced plans to construct 40 domestic nuclear plants over the next five years.

Image source: The Times

The five year plan, running from 2016-2020 includes provisions for building between six to eight new nuclear plants every year. If the plans are successful the country will then continue to increase its development output to ten nuclear plants a year past 2020.

The UK will keep a close eye on China's planned nuclear programme after the country's government recently signed a deal to finance the next generation of UK nuclear power.

This deal with the UK will see General Nuclear Corporation take a two-thirds stake in the Bradwell nuclear power plant, where a Chinese designed nuclear reactor is planned

The other third of the stake will be taken in Hinkley point which is operated by EDF Energy.

This extensive push for developing nuclear power may represent China's transition from coal powered stations to nuclear power. China plans an investment of £385bn into nuclear power. At the current point in time China has 30 operating nuclear power reactors and an additional 22 currently under construction.

The aim of increasing this capacity will in part reduce China's reliance on coal and ultimately reduce carbon emissions dramatically.


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