China dusts off recent controversies at the G20 Summit

China received a huge amount of rejection for its plans for investment in the global energy industry, something the country wants the success of the G20 summit to counteract.

g20 summit

China is hoping that the hosting of the 2016 G20 summit in Hangzhou, an international forum for the governments of 10 major economies will diminish some of the backlash the country has received in recent months regarding its global energy investment.

Chinese investors were looking to put large amounts of money into various energy projects across the world, including the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant, based in the UK and Ausgrid, an electricity infrastructure company owned by Australia. These investments were both temporarily halted due to security concerns about China.

The media was looking to project China making mistakes as opposed to being successful hosts of the summit. It was, however, highly successful and ran very smoothly.

"Some in the media were more interested in seeing China make mistakes as a host than expecting fruitful results of the summit. It turned out that the summit went smoothly and was a crowd-pleaser," read the editorial, published in the Chinese government-run Global Times newspaper on Tuesday.

"China has encountered some controversies and challenges during its hosting of the G20 summit, but now they are all gone... As long as we are firm and dedicated, we will be confident that even if there are some errors, we can be at ease about it," 

China also achieved great amounts of soft power by opting to host the summit, which is the non-military influence a country can have around the globe. It’s a form of global respect. China has an unfavourable reputation in other countries around the world,

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