Energy workforce report reveals chemicals professionals' favoured locations for work


The Global Energy Talent Index (GETI), an energy industry salary survey released by the world-leading site for petrochemical jobs, Energy Jobline and energy workforce solutions provider Airswift have highlighted where chemicals professionals' favoured locations for work are, as well as what attracts them to a future employer.

The recently released annual report, the only project to investigate the views and opinions of the energy industry’s professionals in such depth reveals that Hiring Managers consider the Middle East (at 56%) and North America (at 50%) as where chemicals professionals' favoured locations for work are, yet there was also liking shown towards Europe (at 28%).

Janette Marx, Global COO at Airswift says: “The GETI survey reveals that each region has its own unique set of dynamics being brought to bear, with global statistics only telling part of the story.”

“North America and the Middle East enjoy proximity to natural gas feedstocks, in the latter’s case at advantaged prices, which has allowed its petrochemicals sector to prosper. Yet, in North America is large domestic demand and new shale gas supply has allowed for significant expansion of the Gulf Coast petrochemicals cluster.”

Despite this desire to work in North America from chemicals professionals, the GETI report reveals that 93% of the American workforce were recruited exclusively from within the United States or Canada, which means that the global want to work in North America is seemingly wasted on the professionals deriving from outside of the region.

“The percentage of local employees in North America is likely to be exacerbated by the agenda of the new US Trump administration, no doubt a contributing factor in over 56% of hiring managers seeing the Middle East as a preferred region.” Marx continues.

“Hiring Managers in North America may be compelled to look to other sectors domestically, by way of invigorating the petrochemicals labour pool.”

The Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) covers the latest energy workforce trends across the chemicals, renewables, oil and gas, power and nuclear industries. To find out more about the current trends within your industry, click here to download a copy of the GETI report.

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