Changing the image of the engineering industry

Many younger individuals have a perception of the engineering industry, and an understanding that to pursue a career in this field requires a solid understanding and education in mathematics and physics. A UK-based university has been developing a program to attract a new range of individuals to the engineering industry.

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In the last week, the first specialist engineering university, the New Model in Technology and Engineering (NMiTE) announced it would be accepting graduates without A-level mathematics or physics in an aim to diversify the students entering the university and boost the number of female students interested in a career in engineering.

Due to open in 2020, the NMiTE believes that to attract a more diverse and wide range of people to engineering, we need to re-evaluate the demands and requirements we place on individuals before even commencing a career in engineering. The university has said they will accept applicants with three A levels from any subject background.

Whilst many experts are supporting this move, some industry members believe we need to develop this strategy further and really tackle the problem of why so many women are avoiding a career in engineering.

The Create from younger people report suggests that many young people lack a clear understanding of what engineers actually do.
This disconnection with the industry is suggested to be a major contributor to the worldwide skill gap within the engineering market. A clear solution to improve this situation is to introduce children to engineers at an early stage and ensure young people understand the opportunities available to them.

The future of the engineering industry is significant, including some of the most exciting new developments and will have a direct impact on our daily lives. As a result, the number of diverse opportunities within engineering is continuing to grow.

The changes announced by the NMiTE will provide a further opportunity to many individuals who may have avoided a career in engineering. The new approach by NMiTE will generate a wider range of engineers to support the rapidly technological developments of the future.

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