Campaigns against Aussie windfarms fail despite price spikes

Wind farm Aussie

The South Australian renewable industry has faced a huge backlash from the media after it saw electricity prices spike and an abundance of articles pointed the finger at renewable energy. According to these reports, the fact South Australia relies heavily on the wind industry must imply that these price rises were subsided renewable energy and that high renewable targets were having a detrimental effect on electricity prices. These campaigns were suggesting the targets just have to go.

Before these articles were even published, these views were already being made heard by the Liberal opposition, where South Australia was warned what would happen if the government continued to invest so heavily in renewable energy.

“The state’s Liberal opposition has pointed the finger at the Labor government’s ‘overzealous rush into wind power’ that it said was driving base-load electricity providers out of the market, pointing to the closure this year of the coal-fired Port Augusta power stations.” The article read.

As reported by Energy Jobline here, Mark Butler, the Australian Labor party’s representative for climate change and energy regarded the allegations surrounding the recent high electricity prices in SA as “extraordinary exploitation” and “a cocktail of exaggeration, hyperbole and downright misinformation”

Frydenberg, however, ignored the allegations and commented that there would be “no change to the Renewable Energy Target”. “To say that [this price spike] is the fault of renewables is not an accurate assessment.” said Frydenberg at the Clean Energy Summit.

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