Campaign urges more young people to venture into the world of engineering

A UK based campaign is aiming to encourage more young people to consider a career in engineering. UK members of Parliament are pushing the campaign to encourage more young people to participate in the industry and help with tackling a significant skills gap.

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Encouraging more students to participate and find out more about available courses in the engineering discipline is viewed as an essential move. The campaign also intends to work closely with schools to encourage this uptake.
Victoria Prentis, the member of parliament for Banbury in the north Oxfordshire has committed to working closely with Bicester Technology and Banbury Space studios which both include curriculums with a strong focus on engineering and technology.
Mrs. Prentis highlighted that the region is relatively fortunate to have two specific schools that focus on engineering and technology. This creates a perfect opportunity to expand the campaign and encourage more young people into the industry.
The drive comes from a government campaign called ‘The Year of Engineering’. The nationwide campaign was launched last month in Westminster. The recent gathering of over 30MPs at a Parliamentary reception was organized in collaboration with the annual skills survey report published by the Institution for Engineering and Technology.
The IET have suggested that there is an estimated shortfall of nearly 20,000 engineering graduates every year. Over half of engineering businesses believe the shortage is having a major impact on the growth and productivity of the industry. The year-long campaign aims to really promote the innovation and creativity within the engineering industry. It has gained the support of over a 1000 businesses, including major companies such as BAE Systems, Siemens, and Crossrail. Throughout the campaign, there will be a series of exhibitions, school visits, and other open events. 
Mrs. Prentis emphasizes how positive this campaign could be for the industry and how critical it is that we continue to inspire young people to work in the engineering sector as our country continues to grow.

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