Calum Smith covers Airswift’s journey to market domination…

We caught up with Calum Smith from none other than employment giant Airswift. As Senior Vice President for the Asia Pacific region, Calum has contributed impressive growth in this region. Calum Smith explains why professionals have chosen to work with his team. 


EJL: Can you tell me more about your previous experience and how your career has progressed into your current position?

CS: I started my career in sales in the automotive industry, but I first joined Airswift as a recruiter. Quite quickly, I became interested in the geographic coverage of the business and the vast locations where contractors were working.  People were frequently moving out of Manchester, so I quickly accepted an opportunity to relocate to Brisbane. I spent several years there in recruitment roles supporting regional energy projects.

A few years later, a role opened in PNG region as a country manager, and I spent a period of time-based in the South Pacific. I was promoted to Regional Manager, which was daunting at first due to the size and scope of the challenge. However, I had a very supportive boss at the time, who let me take the reins whilst mentoring me, so I quickly deepened my professional and personal development. 

I am now based out of Singapore, which is one of the company’s three headquarter offices, and my role scope has expanded to cover the full Asia Pacific region comprising 14 countries of operation. The Asia Pacific Leadership team comprises 9 individuals with whom I run our business portfolio which consists of 177 talented staff members. 

EJL: What markets/industries/subsectors does Airswift cover in the Asia Pacific region?

CS: We have diversified our traditional oil and gas business into the wider energy sector, process (mining and metals /chemicals), and infrastructure (rail, civil). Our coverage is quite expansive, although we do try and stick to some key disciplines across each region. If we’re working with one client in a single country of our portfolio, we invariably expand that relationship across all of Asia Pacific.

Within the energy sector, The Asia Pacific region is diverse, as it is a large part of our business.  We have a strong history in oil and gas, particularly on projects in Australia, PNG, and Indonesia. In Singapore, South Korea, China, and Indonesia, shipyard work has driven our businesses over the past few years. There are many new projects coming in towards the end of this year and next year which we are excited to be a part of. 

For the process sector, mining and metals are also big in Australia and PNG, as the commodity prices have stabilized some mines have become viable again. Many are being reopened or rebuilt, and we do a lot of work on these openings. We are rapidly developing mining opportunities in Indonesia as well.

Lastly, the infrastructure sector has huge potential due to commodity prices softening in recent years, which in many economies has been counteracted through increased government investment in infrastructure projects.  

EJL: If you could use one word to describe the way Airswift separates itself from its competitors in the region, what would it be?

CS: Integrated. Many of our nearest competitors operate across the Asia Pacific, but in quite a fragmented way. We are much more integrated than our main competitors and as such cannot only offer a more “joined up” solution in multiple countries but also pass through the efficiencies that come with this. 

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