Brexit outcome immediately impacts UK Government

EU ref outcome

England has woken up to the astounding news that we are to leave the E.U. Whether or not you were a 'brexiteer' there seemed to be a growing confidence and even admitted self-defeat by leave leaders i.e. Nigel Farage of the UKIP party that admitted remain would edge the result.

YouGov polls indicated that over 70% of the younger generation were voting remain whilst the older generation were in complete opposition.

The immediate impacts have already been noticed. The pound has dropped to a nearly record low and David Cameron has announced he will be resigning as Prime Minister due to the Brexit outcome.  However, the leave leaders did admit to the short term economic impacts this result would have. There are obviously a lot of questions to be asked and many people are thinking what now? What exactly are the long term implications on our economy, businesses, environment and our energy industry?

I think it's difficult to make an assumption of how this will directly affect the energy industry but by leaving the EU we are also disassociating ourselves from the leading nations in renewables and power technologies, environmental policies and collaborative science.

How do you feel about the outcome of the referendum and do you feel confident about the future of the UK energy industry?

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