Amazon and Google competing for top position in renewable energy

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Inc. recently announced the launch of the brand new 253 MW Amazon Wind Farm in Scurry County, Texas. To date, Amazon has purchased over 1.2GW of output from US-based renewable energy projects, which puts it closer to the leading corporate buyer, Google, which stands at 1.9GW.

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Whilst Google still maintains its position as the top corporate business buying clean energy, Amazon is gaining momentum. More and more businesses, like Amazon, are now moving towards renewable energy projects with many companies declaring renewable energy targets of 100%.


The new wind farm consisting of over 100 turbines will deliver over 1 million MW hours of renewable energy to the grid every year. The wind farm was developed, managed and operated by Lincoln Clean Energy. The new wind farm brings Amazon’s project list to 18 wind and solar projects now in operation, with over 30 planned projects for the future.


Kara Hurst, the worldwide director of sustainability highlighted last week that renewable energy investment is essential and mutually beneficial to customers, communities, the business, and wider plant.


The launch of this new wind site is one of many new wind projects developing in the USA. The US Department of Energy believes the nation consists of one of the largest and fastest growing markets worldwide. Last year, the USA introduced its first offshore wind farm, off the coast of Rhode Island. In 2016, Amazon was the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy, with a range of solar and wind projects generating over 3.5 million MG of energy each year.


Amazon has demonstrated its long-term commitment to achieving the target of 100% energy generation from renewable energy projects. In 2015, Amazon announced the development of new wind farms in Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina. Fowler Ridge wind farm in Indiana commenced operation in October 2016.

A range of solar projects was announced within New Kent, Buckingham, Sussex, and Powhatan counties, including the 100MW US East 6 site in Virginia.

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