Airswift’s Ford Garrard spills all on candidate retention

EJL catches up with Ford Garrard, Senior VP (Europe and Africas) at Airswift, on how this leading manpower solutions provider maintains its strong repute… Will Airswift steal the crown a second time?


With the downturn of oil and gas and the cutting of workers from the industry’s top players, there are more professionals readily available for work than there ever has been.

The energy jobs market, however, is also more competitive than it ever has been, with business in 2016 being scarce in oil and gas, yet booming in industries such as Renewables and power generation. For employers, more innovative, costly recruitment solutions are much more demandable in this era.

We were eager to speak with Mr Ford Garrard, a firm believer that Airswift’s approach to business is completely inclusive of candidate and client support. This was reflected in Energy Jobline’s ‘Most Searched for Agencies 2016’ report, which noted that Airswift controls 11% of the company keyword searches made per month.

“Airswift take pride in everything we offer our clients and candidates,” Ford begins.

“Our consultants strive to know everything they can to tick their candidate’s boxes. The happiness and wellbeing of the contractors we represent is of the utmost importance to us.”

Airswift recognise that for candidates to value their service, it should be extended to the before and after stages of their job move.

“Once a candidate accepts a position, we have a highly robust global mobility team that take over,” Ford continues.

“Whether it’s something as minimal as ordering a second passport, or something more significant, like relocating an entire family, no task is too small or large for us to support.”

Particularly within oil and gas, candidates are often required to work in challenging countries such as Papua New Guinea, Mozambique or Angola. By offering candidates support in navigating through the long list of laborious immigration and legal documents, Airswift are able to provide their clients with a wider pool of professionals.

“We will organise our candidates’ medical tests or inoculations and pay for this, upfront, so that there is no cost exposure to the candidate,”

“All aspects of immigration can be handled by our expert immigration policy team, along with a familiarization period where candidates can get to know the location. If they want to bring their families, we ensure they also spend time familiarizing themselves with their prospective place of living.”

This level of service is a value-offering that few agencies have touched upon. Despite the demand for support in these contributing factors in a career move, Airswift is one of the few manpower solutions providers that offer this commitment to such a degree.

“We are broadening our client portfolios and broadening the industries that we work in,”

“What some companies are guilty of is not considering the current contacts in their industry for new roles that come in, even if they may be suitable for them. We speak to our candidates very regularly and encourage them to be honest and transparent with us about their aspirations and what they want to do next.”

It’s absolutely critical that candidates are put forward for the opportunities that fit around their wants and needs. The recruitment industry has had its fair share of backlash from a candidate angle. Airswift are looking to assure the industry that bright, mature and modest recruiters do exist and are truly passionate about providing a high quality service to the industry.

Looking for a new role in the energy industry? Airswift can begin supporting your career move today.

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