46% of Britain’s electricity generated by clean energy sources last year

UK Renewable Energy Industry

According to official figures, nearly half of the UK’s electricity derived from clean energy sources (wind, nuclear power etc) in 2015, meaning the Renewable sector accounted for a quarter of the UK’s power supply. This was more than coal power generated for the first time in history, the data produced by the UK government revealed.

Low-carbon power sources, which in turn generate low levels of greenhouse gas emissions, contributed to 46% of the UK’s electricity in 2015. This was due to amount of renewable energy increasing and nuclear power generation growing thanks to various nuclear-supporting changes made at the end of 2014.

Coal supplied roughly a fifth of the UK’s electricity in 2015, which was a fast decrease from 30%, which was the 2014 percentage. Gas still continued to supply approximately 30%, whilst nuclear power’s percentage increased by 2% from 2014’s result of 19%

Industry body RenewableUK’s deputy chief executive, Maf Smith, said: “The Government took the right decision when it announced the phasing out of coal.

“Now we can see renewable energy filling the gap, replacing old technology with new. 2015 was the first year that renewables outperformed coal.

“A quarter of Britain’s power is now coming from wind, wave and tidal power and other renewable energy sources.

“Renewables are now part of our energy mainstream, helping us modernise the way we keep the lights on by building new infrastructure for the generations to come.”

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