2018 could be a defining year for the US nuclear industry

The Nuclear Energy Institute has emphasized that 2018 may be a defining year for the US nuclear industry. Industry experts have suggested that in order for the US to maintain a stable domestic sector it must keep its reactors operational and also provide plans to develop new, advanced nuclear facilities.

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The vice president for the NEI has stated that the US needs to maintain a strong domestic nuclear sector which requires maintaining the existing nuclear plants in order to tackle carbon emission targets. New York, Illinois, and Connecticut have already made plans to preserve existing nuclear plants and industry experts suggest that other regions should be following similar paths.
Many nuclear plants are being closed prematurely due to a general lack of recognition towards the benefits of nuclear power. A recent decision by the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) involving the termination of the proposed rules on grid stability by the Energy Secretary has created a renewed focus about what role nuclear energy can plan in providing a reliable grid system.
Reforms to FERC proposals were viewed by the NEI as lacking any real support towards the preservation of nuclear power plants in the US. However, new proposals have been widened to address grid stability on a wider scale and have placed nuclear energy on the national agenda.
The nuclear industry now needs to prove it can develop and successfully complete new nuclear plants. The current project in Georgia is viewed as very significant by nuclear experts as it is an opportunity for the US nuclear industry to prove it can develop new nuclear reactors successfully.
Recently, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission identified the new small modular reactors designed by NuScale can operate safely without additional electrical power supplies.  Nuclear experts believe this is a significant development within the industry and the overall efficiency available within the nuclear sector.
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