10 best jobs in IT and Engineering

IT and engineering are two industries that remain stable and growing as the economy continues to recover, according to data from CareerCast. Jobs in IT and engineering are not only in demand, but they're also growing ahead of the national average estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And as technology changes rapidly, new job titles and required skills emerge constantly.


This fast-paced growth also lends itself to new job opportunities without many qualified job seekers to fill the roles. CareerCast uses data scientists as an example. It's a relatively new field and it's quickly become crucial to most organizations. The only problem is that it's so new, there aren't enough people with the right skills to fill the roles, thus increasing demand and competitive pay.

Based on CareerCast's data, here are the top 10 jobs experiencing fast growth and high demand in IT and engineering.


No. 10: Biomedical Engineer


Biomedical Engineer


No. 9: Data Scientist


Data Scientist


No. 8: Software Engineer


Software Engineer


No. 7: Network and Computer Systems Administrator


Network and Computer Systems Administrator


No. 6: Petroleum Engineer


Petroleum Engineer


No. 5: Computer Programmer


Computer Programmer


No. 4: Technical Writer


Technical Writer


No.3 Civil Engineer


Civil Engineer


No. 2: Web Developer


Web Developer


No. 10: Environmental Engineer


Environmental Engineer




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