Ørsted project will deliver energy to over one million households

Plans for the UK to meet its carbon reduction targets have been boosted by the announcement of the new offshore wind project by Ørsted that intends to power over one million households once completed.

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Ørsted has partnered with Belgium-based business DEME Group and more specifically GeoSea which managed offshore marine projects. Ørsted is utilizing the innovation installation structure for the construction of the 174 planned monopiles on the new site. Each structure will be placed into the seabed, acting as an anchor. With a span of over 65 meters and a weight of over 800 tons, the innovation is only capable of carrying up to 4 at a time which has pushed the operational date of the project back until 2020.
Additional support will be provided by the A2SEA wind turbine Sea Installer, which will help with the installation of some of the pieces.

The programme director, Duncan Clark emphasized how exciting it was to now see the initial stages of construction commencing. Clark explained that onshore, the team is developing the East Coast Hub which will act as the operations and maintenance site for existing wind projects including Hornsea Project One and Two. Clark believes these wind farms will be a significant contribution to UK’s goal of decarbonizing the energy sector as well as provide added jobs and investment to the northeast region.

Ørsted has created projects across Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, US, UK, and Taiwan. Their mission is to create a world that runs completely on green energy by providing real solutions to one of the most challenging problems we face.

At present, the UK isn’t likely to meet its current 2020 targets due to unrealistic expectations and existing policies. The UK is now focusing on the 2050 targets with a more positive belief they can be met. The new offshore wind project is an ideal example of what is needed in the UK to get closer to this goal.

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